Amy Chase
My work investigates the relationships between objects. I am concerned with the formal design of the object while focusing on representing personal relationships, memories or situations of my own experiences. These representations are depicted through multiple forms and the space created between them. I am able to communicate different emotions by varying the distance between the objects or by adjusting their balance.

My ceramic forms are constructed methodically by hand. I push and pull the walls of my forms to create a sense of volume. These forms reference an abstracted nature, creating a sense of familiarity.

The surface consists of intricate patterns that are applied using precise slip and glazing techniques. These choices in pattern address personal experiences, while at the same time evoking the viewers’ own memories. The patterns I use are representations of familiar imagery found within my childhood. These patterns are used to create a linking association between people, things, or events. In each piece I attempt to depict specific relationships and environments within my experiences.

These visual patterns are my attempt to stimulate the viewer into reconnecting with their own personal memories of their past. My work is a representation of my experiences and emotions with the intention to create an emotional charge, enticing the viewer to make a connection, resulting in a created sensation.